Monday, June 1, 2009

Demo Poster for up coming Concert

Moja By Yousuf Mony feat Honey Hasan & Hemel

This song is a debut music video of Yousuf Mony. In the Moja album he featured Honey Hasan & Hemel. Location: Swords; Dublin,Ireland - MARCH'09.
Thanks to all of you who r watching this video. Thanks to all of my friends who help this project.
Very special thanks to Jakir Bhai (Director of Eden college).

Bhul Kore jodi (S.I.TUTUL, Sagor Chwd. & Lija-close up 1/2008)

This is a nice melodious song from close up 1-2008 and now voice recorded from Honey Hasan.

Bondu tumi koi koire

Performance by Honey Hasan at Dublin Temple Bar Music Center. Organized By Linster college.19/08/2008